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Frank Armstrong's Ultimate Marketing Plan


Home sellers and Frank have a mutual objective: to sell their house at the highest possible price, in the shortest amount of time, with favorable terms and to your complete satisfaction. Frank's "Ultimate Marleting Plan" is unique and powerful and was developed exclusively to provide maximum exposure for your property in the shortest possible time and with the greatest effect. Different properties require different techniques for marketing, but our “Ultimate Marketing Plan” has been proven to be the most effective plan available.

Proven Marketing Plan

Sales do not happen because of the “idea of the week”. It takes detailed planning that is executed by a professional staff with one goal in mind: the sale of your home. From the moment you list your home for sale with The Frank Armstrong Team, our custom designed marketing plan for your home is launched.

Home Repair and Improvement Team

Our home repair and improvement program has helped many of our home sellers who either didn’t have the expertise or time to do the repairs or improvements themselves. Most home sellers have found that spending $1,000 on fixing up their home prior to selling results in $2,000 or higher sales price and shorter market time. We have a team of quality service personnel who have worked with us over 19 years. The team includes a painter, carpet cleaner, general repair/carpenter person, carpet company (if the flooring needs replacing), plumber, etc. They will provide you with a “no obligation” bid. Then you can decide if you want to hire them. Their prices are hard to beat. This is a service,  putting a team together that will provide fast, competent work, and in most situations their price is unbeatable.

Home Staging

Once you have chosen Frank to sell your home, he will provide you with a “professional” home stager to advice you on staging your home to bring in top dollar.  AT NO COST TO YOU!

What is a home stager? Home stagers prepare your home to sell. Typically, the home seller cannot view their home objectively. A professional stager can offer an objective view of the home as a product and highlight its assets while downplaying its flaws. Many home sellers are increasingly familiar with the concept of “professionally staging homes”. It has been used to effectively package and market a home in the marketplace. Staging is the very best proven way to sell your home faster and for more money.

Visual Tours

Our visual tours are packed with photos of your home inside and out. We want a buyer to really see your home and we know that what buyers want is “lots of photos” so we deliver buyers what they want. With our photo style of making your home look as good as possible in photos we are able to attract buyers to your home. We eliminate the clutter from your home before we take the photos. Simple, but effective, this will show your home at its very best.

Full Color Beauty Shots

Buyers usually investigate several homes before coming to a buying decision. They compare, analyze, eliminate and analyze again. Always using the property brochures to help them remember and compare the features of each home. If the brochures don’t adequately portray the home, it’s easy for a home to be eliminated prematurely. Our sellers’ homes stand out from the crowd. Ask to see a copy of one of Frank’s home selling brochures.

Brochure Boxes

This is one of the simplest, yet most overlooked and under used marketing product in our industry. A brochure box is attached to our For Sale sign enabling buyers and passersby to receive information and photos about the property.

Home Warranty with Seller Protection

We have available, a warranty covering many of the components of your home. This relieves the buyers or apprehensions about appliances, etc., and the buyers can continue the insurance after the closure if they choose. Ask Frank about our Home Warranties.

Visibility & Exposure

Frank and his team not only expose and market your home to the home buying public, but we market your home to over 600 real estate agents in the Rochester Area Multiple Listing Service. In return, you get the highest visibility for your home so it sells for top dollar. The local multiple listing service web site is:

National Referral Network

RE/MAX is a leader in the largest and most successful relocation organization in the world. As members, we receive referrals consistently from around the world. This provides you with another source of motivated and qualified buyers.

24 Hour Open House

In keeping pace with innovation and advancements in technology, we place your home on many Internet sites. We are constantly looking for ways to give our clients advantages over competitors in the marketplace that go beyond the traditional methods of marketing and promotion. Some of the websites your home can be found by potential buyers are:
Yahoo Real Estate
HGTV Front Door Real Estate
Luxury Home Videos Online
Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies - smarter classifieds
The Real Estate Book
Vast Real Estate

Our personal center of influence

In addition to normal Internet marketing, we use our personal websites as the center of our social media outlet to get more attention to your home through blogging, Facebook and Link In. Our website shows up on Google searches for homes in Rochester, MN many times on the first search page. Why is this important? Buyers who are searching for homes come across our contact information and website first. Which means we can personally direct them to YOUR house!

Open Houses

Some people want them, others don’t. With the majority of home buyers looking on the Internet at multiple photos and visual tours where you can basically walk through a home online, it has become less of a real marketing tool.  Studies show that less than 1% of home buyers came through an open house and made an offer on that home. Agents tend to do open houses to satisfy sellers who think open houses will sell their home. This was true before the Internet allowed buyers to shop and look at homes from the comfort of their own home. Open houses are still a part of our marketing program upon the sellers’ request because we believe it takes a number of different marketing systems to sell a home.

Classified Ads

It is Frank’s policy to make use of the classified ads in the Post Bulletin.

Like Kind Property Notification

Similar properties available for sale are easily identifiable and so Frank makes it a practice to inform the listing agents of such properties that your home is now available also. As buyers tend to purchase by comparison, he encourages the other agents to show your home when they are showing theirs.

Hot Home Email Program

This program is one of the most sought-after programs for buyers. Basically, it enables qualified buyers to access the REALTOR MLS information in order to perform their individual searches for properties within their chosen parameters. The benefit to our sellers is that the program identifies and logs prospective buyers thereby enabling us to further widen the pool of buyers for your home.

Communication and Feedback

Once you list your home with the Frank Armstrong Team, we continue to keep you updated and informed on how to sell your home, what buyers are saying about your home and we also give you feedback from the showing agent.  After each showing, we call the showing agent and ask for feedback from the buyer and also the showing agent. We then either email or call you with that feedback. We keep a written copy of all the feedback so that we can look at all the accumulative feedback to see if there are any consistent comments that suggest we should make changes in order to improve the selling of your home. We will discuss with you any suggested changes regarding condition, price or other suggestions to enhance the selling of your home.

Marketing Reports

Twice a month we will provide you with activity market reports as long as your home is on the market. These reports contain information on all aspects of our marketing to the day including showings and feedback, new listings and solds that are in your competitive market. These reports are either emailed or mailed to you. It is all part of the "Ultimate Marketing Plan"   We Stay in Touch!




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